Edition VFO

Material Transformation

„Material Transformation“ with works by: Luigi Archetti, Michael Günzburger, Marius Lüscher, Karin Sander, Elza Sīle, Christine Streuli and Selina Trepp.

Veloförderung Kanton Zürich Velogeschichten

Marco Sirol

Die Crew & der Kunde

Produktion, Regie, Schnitt

Evelyn Steigbügel


Tobias Fluck


Sarah Urech


Vanessa Sadecky


Veloförderung Kanton Zürich

Mount Kkaribu

Atelier Film Ituma

ITUMA – A never ending journey that brought us from the crackle of cooking rice, to the taming of a ravenous dog, back and forth, and ends with the mystic name ITUMA. We would love this masterpiece to be appreciated as art, our audience shall get lost and – after a fantastical, entrancing, and whimsical journey – rise again. Our vison of creativity made ITUMA possible. What brought us together was the Mount Kkaribu Atelier. We are a bunch of Film-addicts, Graphic Artists, Editors and Producers. The wider the background, the richer our experience.

Die Crew & das Kollektiv

Regie & Kamera

Lukas Wälli

Regie & Graphik

Tim Hilpertshauser


Anne Meinke

Produktdesign & Special effects

Ricardo Colacurcio

Maske & Schmuck

Tamara Aharon

Kamera & Schnitt

Evelyn Steigbügel